Are you planning to put up a surprise movie party for your family? If you have been tired of thinking of the next best bonding activity that you will have with your loved ones, then a movie marathon is exactly what you need to make them happy and excited.

There are many ways on how to make your movie party a lot better than those you see online. The role of the movie streaming site that you will choose will also make a big difference on the outcome of your movie party.  Finding good and reliable movie streaming sites like solarmovie is an essential step that you need to consider before going into more details of your party. You can find more details on solarmovie on the site

Don’t Reveal the Whole Plan

Once you have finalized the movie streaming site that you will use, it is time to do the groundwork in order to organize everything you need for the party. If you want your kids to cooperate, you can reveal your idea but do not let them get the whole idea of the party.

Just give them a glimpse like ask them to choose what to wear on Saturday because you have a surprise for everyone. You can also instruct them to wear something like for a pajama party so they are ready once you announce the movie party.

Seek for their Ideas

Another thing you can do to also make your kids collaborate with you and start the bonding activity with the preparation is to ask for their ideas on what kind of movies do they miss or want to watch given the chance. On this way, you can be completely sure that the movies you will select are based from what they want.

They will not lose their interest if the movies included are their best bets.